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State Examinations

Most examinations are held periodically. Some examinations are held on a continuous recruitment basis. This means that applications are accepted continuously, qualified applicants are tested on an as-needed basis and successful candidates' names are added to the eligible list continuously. Navy BAG RETRO CENTRIX CENTRIX RETRO GREAT COLOURS SHOULDER 4 blue w8v6Wq

Professional Career Opportunities (Open-Competitive)

Examination announcement for the Professional Career Opportunities exam, open to anyone with a Bachelor's degree or higher

Open to all Qualified Individuals (Open-Competitive)

Examination Announcements for State exams open to anyone

Continuous Recruitment Examination Announcements

Applications accepted continuously, with no application deadline

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Resources to assist with the types of questions and the format of examinations

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Copies of past examination announcements, posted for reference purposes only and can not be used when applying for upcoming examinations