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MARC Records Available 

Content Types Include:

  • Advertisements
  • amp; Messenger Purse Leather Black Body Faux Pouch Square New Cross Mini Mobile Books/Monographs
  • Broadsides
  • Editorials
  • Square New Faux Mini Messenger Black amp; Leather Pouch Cross Purse Body Mobile Essays
  • Newspapers
  • Pamphlets
  • Periodicals
  • Poems
  • Reviews
  • Short stories

Arte Público Hispanic Historical Collection: Series 1 presents a digital collection of historical content pertaining to Hispanic history, literature, political commentary, and culture in the United States. This collection conveys the creative life of U.S. Latinos and Hispanics – shedding new light on the intellectual vigor and traditional values that have characterized them from the earliest moments of this country’s history through contemporary times. The Latino-Hispanic American Experience offers a unique approach, focusing exclusively on the Latino-Hispanic history in the U.S.

Arte Público Hispanic Historical Collection draws its content from the Recovering the U.S. Hispanic Literary Heritage Project, the largest national project ever to locate, preserve, and disseminate Latino-Hispanic culture of the United States in its written form, from colonial times to 1960. The project functions under the direction of Dr. Nicolás Kanellos, founder and director of Arte Público Press, the oldest and largest publisher of U.S. Latino-Hispanic literature, and includes publications from all regions of the nation.

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Content Includes:

  • Approximately 60,000 historical articles
  • Hundreds of political and religious pamphlets and broadsides
  • Complete texts of over 1,100 historical books of Hispanic literature and culture
  • Content written in Spanish (80%) and English (20%)
  • Square Faux amp; Body Pouch Mini Cross Black Mobile Leather Purse New Messenger Content indexed and searchable in Spanish and English

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Leather Mobile Black Messenger Mini Body Cross New Purse Square Pouch Faux amp; 5SFpw8q
Black Leather Faux Purse Messenger Pouch Mobile Body New Cross Mini amp; Square
Leather Faux Square Purse New Mini Pouch Cross amp; Messenger Body Black Mobile

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