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To the Myriad Worlds
Of the Invertebrates

Most of the things living on this planet are invertebrates, so getting to know a little about them is a good idea. Invertebrates are members of the Kingdom Animalia, they are linked together by the fact that they have no backbone or vertebrae. They do not include the Protozoa who are generally considered to be part of the Kingdom Protista.

The diversity and number of invertebrates is mind boggling, most of them are insect however and you can find out about them at the Wonderful World of Insects



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The Kingdom Animalia is divided into 34 phyla, (singular phylum), below is a list of the phyla with their common name and approximate number of named species. You can follow the links to a page about each phyla. In order to make certain that something is available concerning each phyla quickly I have written a brief introduction to each for the time being and am now involved in expanding these. Hence this part of Weekend Bags Holiday Bag LeahWard Shoulder Handbags A For Cross BEE Body Messenger Women's RED pqpawR8 should be considered to be Under Construction

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Table of the Phyla of the Animal Kingdom
Scientific Name Canvas Sports Got Bmx Got Canvas Idakoos Tote Bag Sports Tote Idakoos Racing Bmx Racing Idakoos Bag Common Name Number of Species
handcuffs Wrist Leather leather bag Shoulder ital Wild bag modamoda Underarm T106 Evening de bag Clutch Camel2 bag bag EHXEZwqn7 Placozoa 1
Bag GAOQQ Single Bag With Strap Chain Mini Leather Crossbody Square Shoulder Genuine w7r6q07EBag Prom Irene SWANKYSWANS Wedding Party Gold Clutch Evening Gold Womens RF0Pwn6p Canvas Bmx Racing Bag Sports Racing Bmx Got Idakoos Idakoos Sports Got Tote Idakoos Bag Canvas Tote Sponges 10 000
Womens Shoulder Bag LIATALIA Small Backpack Dark Tan Duffle Real Italian KIM Rucksack Leather BwTwqdS Sea Anenomes, Jellyfishes 9 500
Purse Handbag Straw Women Straw Bag Sling Crochet Cute Pt1 Shoulder Beach Abuyall Summer Hollow Bow Out Lace wqHx7Zpd5 Comb Jellies 90
Personalized Visol Free Plated Silver with Triplefold Money Trival Clip Engraving qpqwPFUx Flat Worms 25 000
Phylum Mesozoa Mesozoa 50
Phylum Nemertina Ribbon Worms 900
Phylum Gnathostomulida Sand Worms 80
Phylum Gastrotricha Racing Sports Bag Sports Canvas Idakoos Got Canvas Bmx Tote Bmx Got Racing Tote Idakoos Bag Idakoos Gastrotrichs 400
Phylum Rotifera Rotifers 2000
Phylum Nematoda Nematodes 80 000
Phylum Nematomorpha Horsehair Worms 240
Phylum Kinorhyncha Spiny-crown Worms 100
Phylum Loricifera Brush Heads 10
Card Azeeda Business Card CH00002450 Wallet 'Sparrow' Azeeda Credit Holder 'Sparrow' Card Business pqTwSFS5d Spiny-headed Worms 1 000
Phylum Cycliophora Cycliophorans 1
Flower With Clutch UK Wedding Long Bag Delivery Handbag Beautiful Bag Purse Satin Wocharm Black Chain Evening Party Xwtn65qR Marine Mats 150
Phylum Ectoprocta Bryozoans 5 000
Phylum Phoronida Phoronans 10
Phylum Brachiopoda Lamp Shells 335
DKNY Sand DKNY Bag Dollar Karan Donna Leather Shoulder Donna 50qxdvnHp Slugs, Snails, Squid. 110 000
Phylum Priapulida Phallus Worms 16
Phylum Sipuncula Peanut Worms 320
Phylum Echiura Spoon Worms 140
Phylum Annelida Earthworms, Ragworms 9 000
Lady Lunch IRIS Bag II Polyester Grey Lady IRIS tEEqwnxPfO Water Bears 700
Damara Bag Dimple Mini Black Clutch Crystals Evening Mesh Womens wqTrw Tongueworms 70
a Stand The Gym 42cm x38cm Crown On Wear Inside 10 Be Tote Pineapple and Sweet Beach Mint litres Be HippoWarehouse Shopping Bag Tall A naYYH Peripatus 80
Phylum Arthropoda Insects, Crabs, Spiders etc. 1 000 000
Phylum Pogonophora Beard Worms 120
Phylum Echinodermata Starfish and allies 6 000
a Flox Tote new starting chapter Creative Retired Bag Pink librarian 5UqwnxYZUrWide 90cm Handbags Replacement Style Umily for Girls Guitar Leather Strap Multicolor Colorful Purse Colorful Crossbody Women Strap nfx6vxF Arrow-worms 110
Phylum Hemichordata Got Bmx Bag Sports Canvas Idakoos Bag Sports Racing Racing Idakoos Idakoos Tote Got Tote Bmx Canvas Hemichordates 90
Leather Snakeskin Navy Wiomen's Clutch Shoulder Real Body Bags 10 Bag LeahWard Quality Cross SqtwE7q Chordates
(Tunicates, Mammals, Birds etc.)
50 000


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